Professional valuation of furniture and
fine art for the purpose of insurance.

The key to properly insuring a collection of fine art, antiques, or other valuable articles is to know exactly what you have and what it’s worth prior to a loss. Though this may seem straightforward, it is the best way to assure that your insurance will provide you with the proper coverage. The way to ascertain this information is to have a reputable dealer or certified appraiser establish the value of the items in your collection. By doing so, you are prequalifying what you will receive from your insurance policy should a loss occur.

Antiques & Fine Art Insurance

It is advisable to a have an updated professional valuation to ensure your contents is covered and it is recommended a review every three to five years as markets change and values rise and fall. Valuable items in most cases need to be identified and not fall under the ‘general’ contents to ensure you are properly insured. These valuations are a useful tool which can be adapted and updated with ease for many purposes.

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